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Fare Share Food Bank Oakville

"I cannot express how grateful our family is for the fair food program. During a difficult period of unemployment, we were struggling to make ends meet, and putting food on the table became a daily challenge. The free food we received through the program was a lifeline for us. It provided us with nutritious meals and relieved the burden of worrying about where our next meal would come from. We are forever thankful for the generosity and support that allowed us to nourish our family during our time of need."

"As a single parent, I often find it challenging to provide for my children adequately. The Fare Share Food Bank Oakville program has been an absolute blessing for us. It has not only ensured that my children have access to nutritious meals, but it has also given me peace of mind knowing that they won't go to bed hungry. The support we have received through this program has made a significant difference in our lives, and we are deeply thankful for the opportunity to participate."

"Our family faced a sudden crisis when a natural disaster destroyed our home and disrupted our lives. We lost everything, including our source of income. In those trying times, the fair food program stepped in and provided us with food assistance. It was a ray of hope in the midst of chaos and despair. The kindness and compassion shown to us by the program organizers and volunteers have touched our hearts. We are forever indebted to them for their generosity and for helping us get back on our feet."

"I have always believed that no one should have to go hungry, regardless of their circumstances. However, when our family fell on hard times due to unexpected medical expenses, we found ourselves struggling to put food on the table. The Fare Share Food Bank Oakville program came to our rescue. Not only did they provide us with free meals, but they also treated us with dignity and respect. This program not only filled our stomachs but also restored our faith in the kindness of strangers. We will forever be grateful for their support during our most challenging days."

"When my husband lost his job, our family went through a period of financial uncertainty. The Fare Share Food Bank Oakville became our essential lifeline during that time. It not only helped us meet our basic needs but also allowed us to focus on finding new employment without the constant worry of going hungry. We are immensely thankful for the compassion and generosity of the program's organizers and volunteers. Their dedication to helping families like ours is truly commendable, and we will always remember their assistance during our time of need."

"I have recently become a food bank user.  I was treated with respect, kindness and comfort as the staff realized I was so very uncomfortable being in a position of such need.  I will always appreciate what this group of volunteers did for me and hopefully one day I will be able to repay their kindness."

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