1240 Speers Road Unit # 6. Oakville, ON.

Charity Reg # 13173 6662 RR0001


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Contact us, We do have special events

As well as fundraising opportunities.

We distribute donated food directly to deserving families.

We maintain strict monitoring standards as subscribed by Food Ontario to ensure your contribution reaches those who need it most.

We welcome all non-perishable food items, such as canned goods, dry goods (rice, pasta, beans), cereals, and shelf-stable items with unexpired best before dates. Additionally, donations of baby food, formula, and personal hygiene products are also highly appreciated.

While we primarily focus on non-perishable food items, we do accept fresh produce donations on specific occasions. Please contact us directly to inquire about current guidelines and arrangements for perishable donations.

Apart from food donations, monetary contributions are greatly appreciated and allow us to purchase essential food supplies in bulk at discounted rates. Additionally, you can volunteer your time and skills to assist in various activities or spread awareness about our cause. Your support in any form makes a significant impact on helping impoverished families access nutritious meals.

You will receive nutritious food on each visit. This will include both canned/packaged food and fresh food like dairy, fresh produce, meat and bread.

Yes, we practice what is commonly called the menu selection

Model; you will pick the items that you and your family will use.

We try to offer choices and a variety of food based on Canada’s Food Guide. You will be able to get non-perishable items with the assistance of our volunteers, as well as fresh produce. We also provide dairy, eggs, bread and frozen proteins such as chicken, beef, halal meat and fish.

All clients are treated with dignity and respect. We do all of our initial intakes or first time registrations in private and respect privacy and keep information confidential. Clients are expected to treat our staff and volunteers with the same courtesy and understanding as we treat them.

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